Hosting Plan

Unlimited Hosting Plan

Unlimited Website Space & Traffic
Unlimited Email Accounts
Unlimited Web Domain Name Hosting
Unlimited MySQL Databases
Unlimited Websites
No Ads on Your Website
FREE Live  Support
FREE Website Builder
FREE Online Store

What is Unlimited Space & Traffic?
Space refers to the amount of storage available for your hosting account. Those type of issues don’t bother us any more as hosting has changed and space cost for us is cheap. We want you not to worry as we monitor your usage and as needed we turn it up. So get after it and get your video and website moving. – traffic (bandwidth) is UNLIMITED!
Explain Unlimited Websites?
Well, with our plans that feature unlimited websites, you can build a website for whatever you want and you won’t need to buy additional hosting for each domain. For example, if you have and, you only need a single unlimited web hosting plan to serve both of these websites.  Whether it is one website or 20 the price will always stay the same. You cant beat our support  and marketing system to help promote you site to get you start getting traffic and making money.
How Many Email Accounts Do I Need?
Most of our clients use fewer than 5 email accounts. They usually have one or two for specific people in their organization and some utility email boxes like info@, sales@, and billing@. Just follow common sense not to use your mail in the wrong way or you can lose or great service.
Why Does the Number of MySQL Databases Matter?
It is not a concern if you’re planning to use WordPress or another similar platform to build your websites, they require databases. Our plan has got you covered no matter what you need.
How Good Is Your Support?
Our support is more personal as we are not dealing with 100’s of thousands client so we have our live video support. With our membership site with a community of clients to learn and support makes taking control of your site will be fun.
Why do you only offer one plan. 
Reason is it is easy to maintain accounts to give what is needed and as we monitor them we add what is needed. Saving us on expense and passing the saving to you.

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