Affiliate has one of the best web affiliate programs like all our other products. Refer 3 and it’s FREE  We have high quality services, a high converting web site that helps you make money, one easy hosting plan and more than one product to market you business. Virtually costing you nothing to market your business. All you have to do is help spread the word by adding a banner or link from your website or by telling someone about YOBC.

How does it works ?

1) To join our affiliate program you dont have to purchase a hosting account with us.
2.) If you already joined our Pro Membership you should have access to your Pro Membership back office.
Register Now for Free Membership Below

Existing Customers can submit a ticket here to be added.
Or Register to the affiliate program below

New Customers can join the Free Membership area affiliate program by registering below

Now that your a activate YOBC member. You have also been added to the affiliate program 

2) Now as your affiliate account is activated, all you have to do is add the banners provided by us below on your websites so that you can refer clients to YOBC.

3) Check your earnings and affiliates statistics HERE

4) We credit your hosting accordingly up to 3 sign ups until it’s FREE.

Banners go Here

Am I required to have a hosting account with in order to become an affiliate?
You do NOT need to be a hosting customer to be an affiliate. There is no extra incentive in being a customer and affiliate, so everyone is paid the same commission rates for the same amount of sales. If you have any problems to report, please Submit Ticket Here for assistance.

Can I participate in the affiliate program if I live outside of the United States?
Yes, of course. If you are able to access the internet, you are eligible to participate in the Affiliate Program. We have affiliates from all around the globe selling our products, and no other obligations or fees are required from us to do so.

Can I earn any more commissions other than getting my hosting for Free?
No, Not at this time. We are open to doing that only if we have enough customers that are referring more than three. We are rewarding our customers for a limited time of providing a $497 Marketing system for FREE with our founding members. You will be credited for each referral until you get 3 then it is Free.

If you don’t have a Paypal account, you can sign up by clicking HERE.

How much can I earn from your Affiliate Program?
Most of our products and service we recommend was set up to get Free with 3 Referrals. BUT Most of these products and Service have a money making system built in. For example our Marketing system sold to a local business owner your earn a 100% commission of $197.00 per sale. There is no limit of your income from our Products or Service we provide in our back office. The more customer you refer to us the more you get paid when they signup.

Where can I signup your Affiliate Program?
The Affiliate Program signup is absolutely FREE. You can register for the Affiliate program at this Link.

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